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They’re a team in the truest sense of the word. Despite the fact that the majority of team members on the Oakridge Fire U9 Boys soccer squad hadn’t played together prior to this season, they quickly developed an overall sense of comradery, and as a result play as a unit, all working towards the same goals.

“The kids genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and it shows on the field with their teamwork, effort, and willingness to help each other,” says Anthony Strangio, the Oakridge Fire U9’s head coach.

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FURY Win Sarnia Water's Edge Tournament

Posted by Chris Veillon at Jul 16, 2019 7:00AM PDT

What a weekend! #GoFuryGO!

Hot & sunny skies (and a few sunburns) did not stop the Oakridge FURY from going undefeated during the Sarnia FC Water’s Edge Tournament this past weekend with 17 goals for and 1 goal against in 5 games.

The team played great in all games, really stepping up their play to dominate and I quote, from RK66 “tic-tac-toe passing that made us score goals”.


Well done FURY!

Teamwork Builds Character

Posted by Chris Veillon at Jul 4, 2019 8:10AM PDT

There is a challenge around every corner, regardless of the opponent.

We are learning at every turn; we are adapting to the conditions around us and are steadily improving our skill set. We are competing every time we step on the field which is why we want to punch above our weight. While every game is not a win this season, it is a positive step forward in learning how to compete with those who want to defeat us.

The Oakridge FURY program is one of the strongest 2006G programs in the region for a reason: commitment. We are fortunate to have a great group of players who love the game and want to play regardless of the season.

We have set the bar high to challenge us and in doing so, need to be ready for whatever comes at us. We are a team of players that need to be flexible & versatile to compete no matter the position on the field. We are trying new things, new positions, new strategies, we are learning as we go and developing the team as such.

Keep moving the ball forward team, success is on the horizon.

~ Coach Chris

Summer 2019 Registration Now Open!

Posted by The Oakridge Soccer Club at Jan 6, 2019 5:25PM PST

Online Registration for the Summer 2019 Outdoor Soccer Season is now open!

Team Lists:



Please contact the Head Coach of the team you are interested in trying out for prior to going to a training session.

Summer 2019 Tryouts

Posted by U13G Fury at Jan 3, 2019 1:53PM PST

Summer 2019 Is Coming Soon!

Tryouts for the London Oakridge FURY Team will start Tuesday, January 8th and will continue throughout January & February. The FURY Program is actively looking for 3 top tier players to join its program.

Sessions run from 730-9pm each Tuesday evening at St Nicholas Catholic Elementary School in Riverbend (Shore Road).

The FURY will be playing up a year in Summer 2019 in the EMDSL U14G T1 league. Our year-round program provides flexibility for multiple sports type players to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

If you are interested in trying out for the FURY, please contact before coming to a session.